…. First, I want to tell you that my 6 weeks are over and i´ve never felt so good before, so I was wondering if it´s possible to work with you in-season?

Goncalo Valerio, Setusbal Portugal

The Program

3 Strength Sessions a week including 1) Heavy Strength, 2) Power-Strength, 3) Power-Speed. Guidelines to WHEN you should do WHICH workout will be provided. Click “Learn More” to read more in depth about the programming.

This program was fantastic, in everything from the obvious which is the training in it self to the small things like the app and the guidelines and all the other details that can help a lot, it felt so professional. I’ve had problems with my feet for many years and after this a feel so much stronger in, not only my feet, but also other small muscles that are important and that I feel makes me a better handball player. The progression also helped to keep the motivation high, I’m really happy I took the chance this summer!

Payment and formalities

I´ve decided to price the program as low as only 25€ a month. This way I hope that most athletes will afford to some proper In-Season training. This is a subscription plan, so if you want just 1 month, remember to cancel your subscription.

First of your program is a gift from god to every handball athlete! Could not be more thankful. I almost feel like my body structure has changed. Like it went from slow muscle fibers to fast. Now i have the power, speed, agility that I can be a tank in the playmaker position. Thank you so much!

“the best 25€ I´ve ever spent”

This program is really game changer! The program includes everything you need to become a better version of yourself and prepare you for the next season. What I like about the program is that before each workout you get guidelines that guide you on how to do the training with how much effort etc. No negative critics. Can’t wait for season to start!

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