…. First, I want to tell you that my 6 weeks are over and i´ve never felt so good before, so I was wondering if it´s possible to work with you in-season?

Goncalo Valerio, Setusbal Portugal

The Program

3 Strength Sessions a week including 1) Heavy Strength, 2) Power-Strength, 3) Power-Speed. Guidelines to WHEN you should do WHICH workout will be provided. Click “Learn More” to read more in depth about the programming.

I want to thank you for this wonderful program. Im now more explosive and Powerful than ever, and even my endurance improved. Last year i ran 3000 meter 12,06 min, and now 11,2 min. It was just amazing. I´m waiting for a new program!

Payment and formalities

I´ve decided to price the program as low as only 25€ a month. This way I hope that most athletes will afford to some proper In-Season training. Click “Learn More” to read how the payment works and how you get the program.

First of your program is a gift from god to every handball athlete! Could not be more thankful. I almost feel like my body structure has changed. Like it went from slow muscle fibers to fast. Now i have the power, speed, agility that I can be a tank in the playmaker position. Thank you so much!

Sign-Up for 1 month

First month starts 5th September! Sign-Up now for only 25$

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