When´s the book coming out?

ASAP! All the writing is done (31.01.23) now we are just waiting for the Photo Graphics company to get done the Cover of the book. And then we start the printing. The printing will take about 4-6 weeks. So we hope the book is ready published 01.05.23 but that pre-sales can start as soon as the Cover is done. You can sign-up in the bottom of the page to get a email when the pre-sales start.

How much will it cost?

The price of the book will be at 45€ with additional 8€ in shipping worldwide. I will ship the books from home, so it will take 2-6 days before you receive the book after its publishing date, if in Norway. If you pre-order the book you will get shipping price included for 45€.

What will the book be about?

Its divided into 5 different categories which all have sub-categories:
1. Introduction (How I became a S&C, Balkan mentality, My Philosophy)
2. Strength and Conditioning – The main bolk of the book (Everything from training strategies, methods, periodization, how to get your first pull-up, different workouts and exercises that I use)
3. ELITE TRAINING (Cases of different players, sport specific training, how to train out of your positioning, game-day workout and other very valuable topics regarding optimizing performance in yourself or your athletes)

4. Dealing with Injuries (Mindset and training talent, cases with athletes and rehab/prehab)

5. From Emil to Milo (How do you become a S&C coach)

The book will be around 150 pages with a lot of pictures and written in a fine balance between being readable for the “man on the street” as well as written in an evidence based approach referred to over 100 studies/reviews.

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