The Milo Method

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Unlock your full potential with the Milo Method – a holistic approach to fitness that goes beyond physical strength. Renowned coach Milo shares his personal journey and training methods to help you achieve your goals.


The Milo Method is a compelling book that shares the personal journey, training methods, and philosophy of renowned strength and conditioning coach, Milo. Drawing on his journey as a freshman working for free in Elverum to one of the most respected handball S&C coaches in Norway, Milo presents a holistic approach to fitness that goes beyond just physical strength to encompass mental and spiritual well-being.

Through a collection of personal stories from some of his most successful clients, Milo demonstrates how his training methods have helped athletes achieve their goals and reach their full potential. This book is a true reflection of who Milo is, as it is inspired by his own writings and is a testament to his dedication and passion for the field of strength and conditioning.

11 reviews for The Milo Method

  1. Ricardo Oliveira

    Good look for the Physical Training on Handball. The specifics of the training, and the way we should approach each player and position are fantastically explained on this book.
    The personal life touch is amazing to understand all the path and the journey!!

  2. Edin

    Powerful book with so many interesting handball specific exercises. My recommend!

  3. Jakub

    Finally, a book specialising in the physical side of handball that is very structured and the breakdown of playing positions is something that is lacking in the handball world!

    Thanks for that Milo!

  4. Mirjam Sevland

    Veldig god og lærerik bok. Anbefales på det sterkeste!

  5. Vedran

    very interesting book with a lot of nice ideas and guidelines how to train Professional Athletes in any sport

  6. Filip Savic

    Very interesting book on how to train athletes—in my case my football-playing son. I would recommend this book to any athlete even though the book is aimed at handball players.

  7. Tamas Kovacs


  8. Paulo Costa (verified owner)

    Amazing book in all perspective. Waiting for number 2. Milo it’s one of the best physical coach’s in the world.

  9. Demetris Tartios

    Top level coach! Very easy reading book. Excellent job Milo.

  10. Dominik Schmidt

    Very good book on strength and conditioning in regards to handball – perfect summary of the milo method.

    Keep up that brilliant work!

  11. Örs

    Absolutely fantastic book! I can only recommend for everyone, either you’re a player or a (strength and conditioning) coach. I think the exercises are pretty cool, but I was more interested in the man behind all the exercises. Luckily I got a snapshot of him. Thank you Emil for the book and for your work. I really admire you. Keep going!

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