My name is Emil Martinovic, often referred to as Milo. These last 5 years Performance Training for Handballers has been everything to me. I´ve worked (still work) for free, have read every book and article I came over. And sought out every opportunity to improve as a coach. As my name has grown, so have requests for program and help. The preferred choice would be to help each one of you to the upmost detail like i do with my closest athletes. But unfortunately I don´t have the capacity for that.. Therefore I´ve used the last couple of months to gather my years of experience and knowledge, concentrated down to the best possible 8 Week Program that I could make. Enjoy and give me feedback on how it goes!

#coachedbyMilo Off-Season Program

The program that was a sensation last year, and was tried by over 350 athletes, has now been improved and made more affordable! The program starts 05.06.23 and will be launched 29.05.23.

No program has ever made me feel the same way….

Mia Rej, Odense


Integrated training system to improve your acceleration, how long you can hang in the air, the speed of your repeated sprints and make you more injury resilient than ever. Wing Programs is my absolute expertise, now its your opportunity to try yourself! Click here to read more and purchase.


The Handball game is getting more and more tailored to the 2-way players who can both be strong and stable in defence, as well as fast in counter attacks and Powerful in turn-arounds. This program has the aim to make you both stronger and more explosive than ever. Click here to read more and purchase.


The Goalie is possibly Handballs most complex position to cover strength for. This program is tailored to make you more explosive in the small reactional movements from corner to corner as well, maybe the most important, to keep you injury free from strains and overuse injuries. Click here to read more and purchase.

Back Player (Power)

The Back Player needs to be strong, fast, agile, jump high, have good work capacity, be injury resilient, as well as having the ability to produce tremendous amount of Power in just a few seconds. A program to improve your overall physical capacity as well as transferring it to feints and jump shots. Click here to read more and purchase.

Youth Athlete

(For Players under 15 Years Old). Even though it is maybe tempting to go on a program that is very specific and complicated. A youth athlete will in many cases get MUCH more transfer to the handball court by rather focusing on building a solid foundation of movement. This is the program that will lay the foundation of many years of handball to come. Click here to read more and purchase.

I want to thank you for this wonderful program. Im now more explosive and Powerful than ever, and even my endurance improved. Last year i ran 3000 meter 12,06 min, and now 11,2 min. It was just amazing. I´m waiting for a new program!

…. First, I want to tell you that my 6 weeks are over and i´ve never felt so good before, so I was wondering if it´s possible to work with you in-season?

Goncalo Valerio, Setusbal Portugal

First of your program is a gift from god to every handball athlete! Could not be more thankful. I almost feel like my body structure has changed. Like it went from slow muscle fibers to fast. Now i have the power, speed, agility that I can be a tank in the playmaker position. Thank you so much!
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